Fourth Orchestra

SLYO 4 nurtures beginner violins and cellos, introducing them to the joys and challenges of ensemble playing through a fun repertoire. Sight-reading and aural awareness feature highly on this course along with developing rhythmic confidence and dynamic awareness. Places are awarded in order of application accompanied by teacher recommendation. Please note you can only book a place one term at a time.

Who can apply for SLYO 4:
Violin, viola and cello: Grade 2-4 level

Grades are a techincal indication rather than necessity. If your child’s current level makes them eligible for two orchestras please call us on 020 8613 6439 and we will be able to advise which orchestra to apply for.

Daily Structure – 9.30am – 4.30pm. Each day involves a combination of full and sectional rehearsals.

– Penny Gee (violin), Edward Dye (piano and violin), Melisande Yavuz (Violin)  and Ollie Mansfield (Cello).

Performance: Always on the last day of the course, 3.30pm JAPS Hall.

Fourth Orchestra Conductor -  A fourth generation musician, Kit Massey studied with Michael Bochman at Trinity College of Music where he graduated with a first. Kit then embarked on an eclectic career as both a violinist and pianist, spending a year playing violin with the Philamonia de Santiago, Chile as well as recording sessions at Abbey Road and BBC Maida Vale with the Heritage Orchestra. An occasional writer for the Strad, Kit is a teacher at both the senior and junior departments of Trinity College of Music.

SLYO 4  Repertoire:

Sourwood Mountain – Traditional arr. Douglas E Wagner
Nobles of the Sword – James Kazik
10 Pancake Tim – Sarah Watts
Dormouse Waltz – Stephen Bulla
Summer Holiday – Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett arr. Alison Carver
Ghost Barcarolle – Ffion Shute
Barbeque Season – Kit Massey
James Lord Pierpont, arr. Bob Cerulli – Jingle Bells
Kit Massey and Richard Strauss – Christmas in Space
Sara Bongo and Robert Moore – Penguin and Polar Bear March
Mike Kamuf (ASCAP) -Moonlight Shadows
Keith Sharp – King Henry’s Choice, Music and Dance from the Tudor Court
Kenneth Baird – Fiesta
James Curnow – Red Balloon, Whirlwind
Traditional arr. Deborah Baker Monday – French Dance
Chris M. Bernotas (ASCAP) – Wind Dancer
Kit Massey – Swamp Thing!
Robert D. McCashin – Fandango!
SLYO 4 – The Voyage of the Adventure Galley
Kenneth Baird – Heroic Adventure
Michael Kamuf (arr.) – Sleigh Song
Brian Balmages – Burst!
Corelli – Gavotte, arr. Bob Phillips
Ralph Ford – Creepers in the Castle
Bill Withers – Lean On Me, arr. Larry Moore
ichard Meyer – Joust
Victor López – Danza Africana
Mark Williams – Fiddles at Shady Gulch
Stephen Bulla – Wonderland Overture and Dormouse Waltz
Handel – Minuet and Finale, arr. Katherine and Hugh Colledge
James Kazik – Gingersnaps, Ludwig’s Dance Party and Nobles of the Sword
Alison Carver – Harvest Home
Sarah Watts – Fiddly Wattsits, Simply Shrimp, 10 Pancake Tim and Just Hello
Handel – Solemn March from Judas Maccabaeus arr. S. Nelson
Kathy and David Blackwell – Sea Suite, Relay Race, Skating, Jazz Suite, Trampolining and We are the Champions!
Mary Cohen – Chinese Street and Summer Fun
Pamela Wedgewood – Pink Lady
Sheila Nelson – Battle Cry and Polka
Aidan Massey – Daddy’s got the Hiccups
Edward Huws Jones – Toodle Pip
Kit Massey – A Crazy Day out at the Funfair, Cold Sprouts, Barbeque Season, Resolution Gospel, Rainy Summer Blues and Hot Cross Bun Calypso

Traditional - Boysie, Alouette, Now the Green Blade Riseth, Little Boogie Donkey, Three Reel, Camptown Ladies, Old Joe Clarke, John Ryans’ Polka, Christmas Calypso, Silent Night, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer



fourth orchestra