Drama courses at Jasspa are a great combination of skills-based classes and preparation for performance.

Drama at Jasspa is designed to challenge, inspire and develop all round performing skills. The environment is stimulating and encouraging and promotes pupil confidence and creativity.  All our teachers bring to Jasspa a wealth of different experiences from different drama backgrounds, either as teachers, performers or directors. If your child stays with us for a number of years they should expect to benefit from working with a variety of tutors, each of whom offer their own particular specialisms whilst following a general class format. Whilst Jasspa Drama does not have a rigid curriculum all classes are workshop in style and encourage focus, discipline and team work through:

Improvisation—fostering spontaneity, self-confidence and group awareness.
Theatre styles—eg. Physical Theatre, Mask work, Melodrama
Performance techniques—vocal work, movement skills and characterisation.
Creating a piece for presentation.
Script writing and interpretation for senior classes.

No previous experience is required to join JASSPA’s Drama classes. Pupils are grouped primarily according to age (up to a two year age band for Juniors and a three year age band for Seniors). Pupil assessment continues throughout the year. In addition we offer ADVANCED DRAMA - a challenging class for our oldest pupils. Entry to this class is by invitation.

All classes for pupils in Year 3+ perform once a year in our annual Dance and Drama Shows in purpose built facilities on site. Preparation for this begins approximately 10 weeks before the performance date and gives a fantastic focus for all.

There is no formal performance for Jasspa’s Year 1-2 pupils, but parents are invited to watch one lesson each term. This is an opportunity to see your child working with their peers and teacher and for your child to show the journey they take each week in Infant Drama. Infant classes explore drama through a range of stories and games. Every child is encouraged to take an active part.

Wear comfortable clothes to Drama – no short skirts! The Dance uniform can of course be worn to Drama classes.

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Junior Drama 5.300