Dance at JASSPA combines creativity with technique. Technical exercises are predominantly contemporary in style and help pupils to develop muscular strength, flexibility and agility. Exercises explore rhythm and mood, generating routines and improvisations. Pupils are given the opportunity to contribute towards choreography and a wide breadth of music style is explored. Dance classes encourage focus, discipline and team work enhancing not only group performances but also life skills.

No previous experience is required to join JASSPA’s Dance classes although many pupils do come to us whilst attending formal ballet, tap and modern classes elsewhere or having decided that they are looking for a new direction with their dance.

Pupils are grouped primarily according to age (up to a two year age band for Juniors and a four year age band for Seniors) but also by annual informal assessment. At the start of the Autumn term pupils and teachers work together in large classes until assessments are finished. Then each child is placed into the most appropriate class for them, still within their peer group. For pupils joining Jasspa after September an informal assessment is carried out during their first class. Assessments do not change lessons times.

All Junior and Senior classes perform once a year in our annual Dance and Drama Shows. Preparation for this begins approximately 10 weeks before the performance date and gives a fantastic focus to the year. Venues for our shows are all on site.

All Infant classes have termly open days; parents are invited to sit in and watch their child’s class.

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