Jasspa Staff

We have a diverse and highly skilled teaching team at Jasspa. Music lessons cover classical through to rock and jazz, whilst dance and drama classes are creative, drawing on traditional and contemporary practices.

Director of Jasspa Beverly Sizer

Jasspa Dance and Drama Administrator Etta Martin
SLYO Administrator Emma Wilkins
Saturday Reception Lynne Clark

Bettina Lawrence (Cello)
Balint Szekely (Violin)
Michelle Taylor-Cohen (Violin)
Paula Wyatt (Violin)

Steve Foley
Dave Jones
Matt Sear

Woodwind and Brass
Alyson Cawley (Saxophone/Clarinet)
Vicky Cowles (Clarinet/Saxophone/Recorder)
Richard Halliday (Brass)
Hayley Hignell (Flute/Recorder)
Jim Howard (Brass)
Leslie Jones (Clarinet/Saxophone)
Kim Reilly (Flute/Recorder)

Percussion and Drum Kit
Martin Allen

Emma Abbate
Miho Arakawa
Catherine Borner
Carollyn Eden
Jon Feldmann
Marilyn Harper
Richard Keohane
Stephanos Marinides
Zrinka Mikelic-Bottrill
Lachezar Stankov

Carollyn Eden
Amelya Goldy
Pamela Hay
Amanda Forbes
Beth Littlewood

Beverly Sizer and Emma Abbate

Jazz Band
Jim Howard (MD),  Vicky Cowles (wind and brass) and Martin Allen (percussion)

Theory, Aural and Accompanists
Emma Abbate - Concert accompanist / Choir accompanist
Catherine Borner – Theory tuition 
Andrew Bottrill – Exam accompanist
Jon Feldmann – Theory tuition
Marilyn Harper – Aural tuition / Theory tuition
Hayley Hignell – Theory tuition
Richard Keohane  - Aural tuition and concert accompanist
Zrinka Mikelic-Bottrill – Theory tuition
Lachezar Stankov – Aural tuition, Exam and Concert accompanist

Dance and Drama
Lucy McCann (Drama)
Rachel Birch-Lawson (Dance)
Lily Cooper (Drama)
El Henderson  (Drama)
Amy Lovelock (Dance)
Robyn Pressley (Drama)

Emma Dodds, Jo Rhodes and Alexis Butterworth (Visiting Dance)
George Chilcott, Alison Rogers, Robert Zuric and Suzie Rallings (visiting Drama)

Break Room and Support Staff
Patricia Pichard, Keith Sizer and a team of 6th form students

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