How do I join?

Annual Enrolment: Our biggest intake of pupils is during our Annual Enrolment from May to June. At this point our current pupils re-enrol and new pupils apply to join us for September. We can usually accommodate all new applicants who apply to us during this period.

Chance Vacancies: After enrolment has closed there may be a space for your son/daughter to join us but to save disappointment please contact us at or 020 8613 6444 before making an application. We also hold a waiting list for oversubscribed courses.

How many activities should my child sign up for? Children aged up to 10 might apply for 1-3 activities whilst children aged 10+ could apply for up to 4 activities. However it is fine to sign up for just one class too!

See our full terms and conditions here

See our 2019-20 fees here