Music Tuition

Music tuition is an option for pupils aged 6-19 (Years 2—13 at school). One-to-one specialist tuition in the following; violin, cello, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, flute, clarinet, recorder, saxophone, piano, jazz piano (Grade 4+ pianists only) percussion, drum kit, trumpet, cornet, trombone, french horn, tuba and singing.

When embarking on instrumental or vocal tuition pupils and parents need to commit to regular lesson attendance, the hire/purchase of a reasonable quality instrument and almost daily practice. Learning a musical instrument is an extremely rewarding experience, especially when progress is achieved at a good pace. With good support and reasonable interest levels most pupils will make satisfying progress.

Composition lessons are an option for pupils taking GCSE or A level music. One-to-one specialist tuition covering all styles from jazz to song writing and classical orchestrations. This is a perfect compliment to work covered in groups at school. This option is also suitable for keen composers aged 11+.

Practice Notebook – Jasspa sells a practice notebook called Jot-a-note. It is designed to organise communication between pupils, parents and teachers. It costs £6 and can be bought from reception. All instrumental pupils are expected to use a notebook for their teacher to write in on a weekly basis, but it does not have to be a Jot-a-note.

Parents attend the first lessons of all young /beginner pupils to meet the teacher and where necessary receive advice on purchasing an instrument. In some instances teachers may suggest parents attending regularly in order to help establish a good practice routine/aid setting up of instrument.

Withdrawal from music lessons: Beginners are encouraged to complete a year’s worth of lessons in order to fairly assess interest levels / potential. For all other pupils music lessons are a continuing course until we receive a term’s written notice. A term’s written notice means writing to us by the first day of term stating you wish to stop lessons at the end of the term. If notice is given after the start of term but by half term, lessons will be invoiced to and stop at the next half term break. At Easter we will remind you to tell us if you plan to stop lessons at the end of the summer term.requires a full term’s notice in writing. It is assumed that pupils are continuing from year to year unless they tell us otherwise. However

Lesson Length
The majority of pupils have a 30 minute music lesson but for Grade 5+ students we suggest 45 minutes.
For advanced pupils we offer hour long lessons.

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